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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day is for Lovers!

Happy Valentine's Day, Loves!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and more than ever this year I am really thinking of what it really means to me.  Mainly, that is because this cold has been kicking this Metry Chick's butt and I haven't felt up to doing any kind of shopping or surprising. I am thankful for being a little under the weather (I know, WHAT?!?) But I am.  Being sick this week has made me think about what being my valentine is really about.  I have been watching  a LOT of TV.  WOW!  I can tell you that it is NOT a diamond heart or any type of jewelry.  Sarge bought me a beautiful snowflake for Christmas and I like that ice.  It is not really chocolate (Lord knows my butt doesn't need it), but I am NOT going to refuse any chocolate right now.  To me this week it is really babying me when I don't feel good and asking if you can get me anything from the kitchen.  It is a warm bowl of soup or a box of tissue.  Those are my valentine's gifts.  It is sitting on the couch with me and NOT turning up the volume when I am coughing, but asking if I am ok.  (I really HATE that commercial for cough syrup. How RUDE!). 

I think it is really really easy to see romance go out the window really fast these days.  You get busy with life and just forget.  Romance does not have to be champagne and roses, it is much better as a hand hold while watching the news, a pat on the butt while you're feeding the dog, or even just asking about your day.  That is real romance.  You can keep your Valentine's Day, give me the other 364 - but I'll take the chocolates. 


  1. I can't believe I'm saying this, but you actually brought a tear to my eye. Both eyes!!! You are so right!