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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who do you Call?

Through our almost 14 years of owning this house we've come across the need for a LOT of repair people, as you can imagine.  We've found a  lot of gems out there and a lot of stinkers.  I have also made a lot of friends in this industry.  Here are my recommendations

Appliance Repair:
ATI Anderson Technicians Inc
701 S Al Davis Rd, New Orleans, LA 70123-7304 (504) 831-9500 
I ask for Mr. Anderson, he is the older gentleman.  They usually can come out the same day and he is very honest and will fix things the right way the first time.  

Acadian Plumbing & Drain LLCAddress:

28 West 27th Street
Kenner, LA 70062-4873
(504) 367-9040
Again, an honest plumber.  Go figure!  They get the work done right away and right the first time. 

AC Repair
Diaz Air Conditioning ServicesAddress:

2308 Tifton Street
Kenner, LA 70062-5236
(504) 239-1838

Call Miguel.  He comes out and does a terrific job!  

Muffler - Exhaust Services

Terry's Muffler & Auto RepairAddress:
(504) 885-5800

I trust Terry for exhaust needs.  He replaces my catalytic converter in about 20 minutes!  He's now located on Vets, right past the airport.  

Computer Repair

2011 Metairie Road, Metairie, LA (504) 324-3343
Chuck is a knowledgeable repair person. He is also the only person I would trust to completely wipe an old hard drive and do as he pleases with a computer that is past its expiration date.  


  Felix's Electrical Services
504-350-4015 504-464-0712
I totally recommend Felix for your home jobs AND commercial work.  Not only is he my stepfather, but he is a great electrician too!

I know I am forgetting people, but these are the ones I can think of right off the top!

Much Love, 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Metrychick's Recommendation - Computer Worx

When I am lucky enough to get really good service I like to share that company and that service with your.  It helps if it is a locally run business that stands behind what they offer.  I want to profile companies here and let's give them our business! 
Computer Worx is owned and operated by born and bred local boy, Chuck Slack.  Chuck has over 10 year experience in computer work and has gotten me out of some tight spots!  They are located on Metairie Road, in the little shopping strip right across from Regions (near Bonnabel and the snoball stand). 

So, instead of hitting up the Ge3k Place in that local big box store or just dealing with it, give Computer Worx a call.  My Lucy had her computers worked on last week and the best part - Chuck came to her HOUSE!  No, unplugging and lugging!
We do home and commercial computer repairs and networking.

We offer custom built computers and servers and offer set-up and maintenance on both.

Our custom built computers start at $599 with a 1 year warranty on parts and labor. So, if something goes wrong you don't have to send your computer off to get repaired. We carry all parts in stock.

We can come out to you on-site, we also offer local pick-up and delivery, and welcome walk-ins.

Our hours are Monday thru Friday, 9am-6pm and Saturday, noon-4pm.

Our virus removal is only $99.

Other services include but are not limited to dc jack repairs, laptop screen repairs, data transfer (if you just bought a new computer).

We will advise you if a repair is worth the money or not. We strive to make you, the customer happy and do what is in your best interest over making the sale.

Our turn around time is normally no 1-2 days in most cases (unless we have to order in a part for you). We will not send your computer away to be repaired. All repairs are done in shop.

Our diagnostic fee is $20, however that fee is waived if you have us do the repairs we recommend.

There is also a way for you to receive on-site service for as little as $40.
We would be happy to give you more information on saving money with our service package.

Please feel free to call, e-mail or stop in with any questions you may have.

We are located at 2011 Metairie Rd.

You can also find us on Facebook:


They also have an awesome new referral program: Our referral program.... anyone you refer to us that uses our services and mentions your name gets you $5 off your next service.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Featured Artist - Cara Jouglard Photography!

My friend, Cara has just started her photography business and I am she takes some REALLY beautiful photos!

I'm Cara, owner of Cara Jouglard Photography. I'm a custom photographer in the New Orleans area. I shoot on location and prefer to use natural light. I like to keep sessions relaxed and care free, I like letting children be children and following them around and capturing them at play and being natural. Feel free to bring changes of clothing and any thing from home that brings you and your family into the photographs. I will also bring a few things that I think will help make your photographs one of a kind. I want this experience to be about you and your family and I want your photographs to capture your personalities and spirits. Most of all I want you to have FUN!

Photography has always been a passion of mine. I've always been the one been the one behind the camera taking hundreds of pictures. I love capturing those moments that make you smile, laugh and even cry. My goal is to capture these little moments in time for you to love and treasure for years to come.

To book a session you can visit my website or email me

Win $100 Gift Card!
LIKE Cara on Facebook!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Need a Mulligan...

Mardi Gras is officially over and I know that I need a Mulligan!  I soo need a system reboot - a do-over to purge my body of the craziness that was Mardi Gras  and my drug of choice - SUGAR!  I have been on a sugar kind of binge for a while now and am feeling it in my waistline and my energy level! 

I have tried every SINGLE diet there is out there.  At last count I did about 18 different diets.  Obviously, they DON'T work!!!  The only thing that has worked for me in the past was to eat well - eat WHOLE Natural foods and to work out.  I KNOW!  GENIUS!  Who would have thunk it??? 

So,  now I need to make a commitment to myself!  This weekend I competed in the Warrior Dash!  If you don't know what it is Warrior Dash is the HARDEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE.  It is a 5k with 13 obstacles sprinkled throughout in MUD and slime and it is TOUGH!  Of course, it might have been a little easier if I had trained for it, but NOOO, that would have made sense.  I was not ready at all.  However, I finished!  That's why I am crying in this picture. I didn't think I would have done it.  I wanted to quit sooo many times but I kept chanting, "Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming!"  I don't want this accomplishment to be a footnote to my life.  "Also completed the Warrior Dash - ONCE"  Hell no.   I knew as long as I kept putting one foot in front of the other I would be okay.  I would make the right choices.  I have to apply that to myself.  Just keep making right choices - one step at a time.  As long as I make right choice after right choice I'll get to where I want to be.  If I make a wrong choice it is not a stop, but a break, like the ones that I would take to catch my breath on Saturday - take a deep breath and make the next choice a better one. 

I have a perfectionist personality.  It is soo all or nothing with me.  If I can't do it perfectly then I don't want to do it at all.  Are you familiar with this mentality?  I just thought it was me until I heard about Flylady.  She helped me admit it! 

Everything I have read around here has said that just like in recovery you need to announce your intentions.  I also think that I need to put it out into the universe, so here goes.  I am committing to ME.  For the first time in a LONG time I need to really focus on me, not doing this for anyone else.  I just need to put myself first for a few and concentrate on me.  I am not getting any younger and it's my turn, dammit!   So, I am going to get healthy for me.  As a wife and mom, do you have ANY idea how hard that is?  There is always something that makes you think that you need to do for everyone else. 

I'm going to make that list and check it twice!  I am registered for the Crescent City Classic in 39 days.  So, there is a lot of work to do to get me ready for that one!  I will be ready!  I want to be down at least 20 pounds by then.  Then - there is our vacation to the mountains in June.  I want to be able to hike with my family. 

It's ON! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NOLA MOM Feature - Dixie Louviere of NOLA Chic

DL Creations is a jewelry and accessory boutique located at 4955 W. Napoleon Ave. in Metairie, LA. We have been in business since 2002.  We carry jewlery, gifts, and our very popular rhinestone fleur de lis shirts, which we design and make in Metairie. We try to carry unique items that can't be found just anywhere.

We specialize in bling apparel for ladies and our clothing line is called NOLA Chic. NOLA Chic was created out of my love for New Orleans and the desire to offer fashionable and fun clothing in sizes that fit real women.  Our NOLA Chic line features rhinestone, glitter and sequin embellished apparel, New Orleans themed of course.  We have a huge assortment of fleur de lis rhinestone tees in sizes S-3X, and themed fleur de lis shirts are our specialty. NOLA Chic can be found in several boutiques throughout the state.

 In addition to finished clothing, we also make and sell rhinestone iron-ons.  You can bring your own shirt (adult shirts only, we do not apply transfers to children's clothes) to our store to have a design applied for a small fee.  We also offer custom rhinestone designs.  Since we make our shirts and appliques in Metairie, we have no minimum for custom designs, but we can accomodate large or bulk orders.  Our rhinestone designs can be viewed online at

Feature - Jeremy and Jennifer Shallet of MY Fleur de Tee!

Started in 2008 My Fleur De Tee is a locally owned company that is your one stop shop for all of your Holiday and seasonal Fleur De Lis designs. Owner/Artist Jennifer Shalett started by designing shirts for friends and family and it slowly grew into a successful business.

We currently make Fleur De Lis inspired Tee shirt designs. We have shirts focusing on local sports as well as holidays and seasonal specialties like our ladybug Fleur De Lis.  As we have grown we have also started creating shirts to help raise money for charities. We have partnered with the second harvest food bank with our Save the Gulf shirt and with the Blue Star Mothers on our Camo Fleur De Lis. We are continuing to pursue other worthy causes to partner up with.

Our shirts can be purchased on line at as well as local craft shows. Check our website as well as our facebook page for a listing of upcoming craft shows

NOLA Mom Feature - Ashley Bond of NOLA Parent!

My name is Ashley Bond. I am the founder of, an online resource created to engage and support the local parenting community.

I’m not from here but my husband is and so are my kids. We have two daughters, 4 and 1 and it appears we will be adding a third to our brood come July -- a delightful, yet unexpected surprise.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I took a prenatal yoga class at Wild Lotus ( At the beginning of every class, the instructor would pose a question or thought of the day and invite a conversation. One particular day the question was this:

Does anyone know of any resources or support groups in the city for new, expecting moms? If so, please share with the group.

Dead silence.

So at the end of class, I raised my hand and offered to coordinate a get-together.  I passed around a sheet of paper, collected email addresses and created a Google discussion group called nolaMommies.

We used the discussion group to coordinate activities, commiserate and share information. Within one year, our little group of 15 had grown to over 100.

Clearly there was a need for this type of support network and since we were all asking the same questions and sharing the same information and research about nannies, daycares, schools, resources, etc., it just made sense to create a public, central repository for this great information.

Thus nolaParent was born.

Three years later, nolaParent has over 1000 registered site users, 1500 newsletter subscribers and 1300 Facebook Friends. It is a very vibrant, very engaged community of parents.

My hope for nolaParent is to create a conversation where we learn from each other’s successes and failures. As parents, we are our greatest resources.

One of the most valuable experiences I have had in developing the nolaParent community is that I have come to appreciate other people’s choices and perspectives.

The more our conversations with each other grow, the more understanding and tolerance we have for each other.

It is my hope that nolaParent will be the conduit for these conversations.

Parenting can be a cruel, judgmental, and often times lonely world but if we take the time to listen to each other’s stories and learn from them, we (and our families) benefit.

nolaParent maintains a Resource Directory of relevant local businesses and organizations, an Activities Calendar, a library of articles written by local experts and parents, and a Classifieds section where parents can find local babysitters or sell old baby furniture.

Anyone can list their business for free in the directory ( and submit an event to the Activities Calendar (

I publish a weekly newsletter every Wednesday that highlights upcoming events, fun facts and features new articles written by local experts and parents. You can register for it here:

nolaParent also has a very active and engaged Facebook community ( I’m always posting fun and interesting content to the Facebook page and it is a great way to seek out other parent’s opinions.

I’m a stay-at-home mom with a toddler at school, a baby at home and one on the way. People always ask me how I “do it”.

The only answer that I have is that I love what I do. Developing the site, publishing the newsletter and finding new ways to support our local parenting community brings me joy.

We’ll see just how joyous I feel come July when Baby Bond #3 arrives...

Ashley Bond can be reached at