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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

FEATURE and GIVEAWAY! Clutter Clearer, LLC!

I became aware of Clutter Clearer, LLC on Facebook recently and looking into their company I was really intrigued and overcome by this NEED for their services so I shot them an email to find out a little more about them and how they work.  

Sally Johnston, a born and raised New Orleanian, is the superwoman of organization and order. Being a mother and grandmother, she knows what it takes to run an efficient household. Among Sally's extensive talents, she is a fabulous entertainer and gourmet cook. She knows the importance of a well structured kitchen and home. She has been helping friends and family get organized and stay organized for years! 

In June of 2010 she decided to share her talents of organization and efficiency with needy clients in the New Orleans Metro Area. Thus became her budding business Clutter Clearer LLC. She can come up with logical and practical solutions for all your Clutter Clearing needs. Whether you live in a one bedroom studio apartment or a three story mansion, she will find the perfect place for everything! Her expertise expands into lots of other areas also. 
  • If you need help moving, she can pack up your old home and then find the perfect spot for everything in your new home! 
  • Do you have a business that needs a makeover? Sally can help from setting up your supply room to organizing a proficient filing system.   
Buying her Services can help you simplify your life by having an organized home, business, and atmosphere. Make an appointment today (504) 376-4114 or purchase a gift certificate on her website

Clutter Clearer is $40 per hour and accepts cash, check, and PayPal. She initially comes to your home and evaluates your needs. The First Consultation is FREE of charge. After she establishes a game plan, she then gets started clearing your clutter.  

The homeowner must be involved and has to be available to decide what stays, what gets donated, and what gets discarded.  A Clutter Cleared Home or Business benefits you by simplifying your life, having order in your home/business, and realizing that there is a strategy to being and staying organized. You should never feel guilty Clutter Clearing your life! The Clutter Clearer changes the way you live by teaching you valuable tips and techniques that will benefit you for many years to come.  Clutter Clearer respects your privacy. Any information you give her, including their business working with you, is kept in complete confidence. Contact Sally today and get uncluttered at last! No job too big or too small! 
 NOW onto the GIVEAWAY!

One person will recieve a Free 4 Hours of Clutter Clearing Service! That's a Value of $160!!!!

You can enter once each of these ways (post a comment below for each method of entry):
(i.e., you leave one comment saying you followed CC on Facebook, leave one comment saying you followed on Twitter, and so on.  Each comment counts as an entry into the contest. )

Make sure I have an email address, with your comment, so I can contact you, if you win! 
If I don't have a way to contact you, you will forfeit your win!
Prize is only valid within the New Orleans Metropolitain Area.  

3 day winner's rule : Winner has 3 days to acknowledge they won prize, and confirm address, if no contact, then new winner will be picked in their place.
Winner will be picked by Random Number, on 9-3-11, (

Best of LUCK!

Much Love,

Celeste can be found toiling away at some new designs with or blogging about Healthy Lifestyles, and Real Housewives of NOLA.  Put on your big girl panties and buckle up.  This is going to be fun!


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