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Monday, February 14, 2011

Parenting can SUCK!

Sometimes being a "GOOD MOM" is not so fun.  Tonight I had to be the heavy a little with MG and that didnt make me happy.  I didnt want to make her share her sweatshirt.  It IS her shirt.  Her sister DOES have her own.  I understand all of that.  It was the POINT.  Gawd, I hate having to make a point sometimes.  Here's the deelio.  MG promised B's Bestie that she could borrow her "Thing 2" sweatshirt so the BFFs could match.  Well, B ticked off MG and when MG heard B get up the next morning she scurried over to her closet and PUT ON the sweatshirt so her sister could not borrow it.  So typical Little Sister behavior that I really wanted to laugh.  However, it is not the RIGHT thing to do.  If it was just her sister then you give a break and see her side.  I am trying to raise my kids to be considerate of others.  Tonight I had to make her see that she was wrong and it wasn't mean to her sister, but to the Bestie.  Poor thing.  It pissed her off, but then made her sad.  It made me a little happy that she understood it. 

Sometimes parenting just sucks, but I wouldnt have it any other way.