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Thursday, February 17, 2011

ADHD anyone?

I am supposed to be getting dressed for the day, but I am stuck in Procrastination Station.  Part of that is because I have to go to the convention center and sit until 5pm.  I am not a sitter.  I have to be doing SOMETHING.  If not, I WILL drive you nuts.  I will talk ALL DAY.  I hate being bored.  Part of this show I am doing is that a lot of the day is a few people in and out of the exhibition hall because they are in and out of classes all day.  There is only a little bit of time that is designated for them to visit the hall.  The good part is that I will bring a lot of images to cut and things like that, but wow, am I not cut out to just sit there. 

The other sad part is that the thought of working 8-5 all day in one place kind of freaks me out.  I havent had to work a schedule like that since '03.  I work TONS of hours on my own, but having to be confined is hard for me.  Do you have any cheese I can have with my wine?

Can you sit still?  Are you someone who can just sit around or are you like me?