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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who do you Call?

Through our almost 14 years of owning this house we've come across the need for a LOT of repair people, as you can imagine.  We've found a  lot of gems out there and a lot of stinkers.  I have also made a lot of friends in this industry.  Here are my recommendations

Appliance Repair:
ATI Anderson Technicians Inc
701 S Al Davis Rd, New Orleans, LA 70123-7304 (504) 831-9500 
I ask for Mr. Anderson, he is the older gentleman.  They usually can come out the same day and he is very honest and will fix things the right way the first time.  

Acadian Plumbing & Drain LLCAddress:

28 West 27th Street
Kenner, LA 70062-4873
(504) 367-9040
Again, an honest plumber.  Go figure!  They get the work done right away and right the first time. 

AC Repair
Diaz Air Conditioning ServicesAddress:

2308 Tifton Street
Kenner, LA 70062-5236
(504) 239-1838

Call Miguel.  He comes out and does a terrific job!  

Muffler - Exhaust Services

Terry's Muffler & Auto RepairAddress:
(504) 885-5800

I trust Terry for exhaust needs.  He replaces my catalytic converter in about 20 minutes!  He's now located on Vets, right past the airport.  

Computer Repair

2011 Metairie Road, Metairie, LA (504) 324-3343
Chuck is a knowledgeable repair person. He is also the only person I would trust to completely wipe an old hard drive and do as he pleases with a computer that is past its expiration date.  


  Felix's Electrical Services
504-350-4015 504-464-0712
I totally recommend Felix for your home jobs AND commercial work.  Not only is he my stepfather, but he is a great electrician too!

I know I am forgetting people, but these are the ones I can think of right off the top!

Much Love, 


  1. Thanks for this! Good info to have.